クマひげゲイ兄さんのこちらの記事に対し、Queers United「Aセク指向に関するAフォビアな記事への応答」というエントリをあげているので、応答のほうのみ訳してみました。邦訳は例によって例のごとくかなりテケトーですのであしからず。


In a piece by J.A.T.G.A.B. about asexuality, there are a plethora of flaws and misinformation. This is not a post seeking to rail on a fellow queer blogger, but it would be wrong if we did not seek to correct him on this subject of which he is sadly ill informed.

J.A.T.G.A.B. about asexualityの記事には、たくさんの欠点と誤情報がある。これはクィア・ブロガーのシンパのあら探しをする投稿ではないが、この主題に関してひどく間違った情報を持っているかれの誤りを指摘しなければまずいと思う。

The sum of the article is about the author being offended at the notion that asexuality can be compared with homosexuality, the article goes on to insist that asexuality is a disability. The post suggests that LGBT activists who have incorporated the “A” into the acronym LGBT are immature, and foolish.


“As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t an orientation — it’s a disability.”


“Disability” is about lack of ableness, asexuals are fully able, equipped, and biologically capable to engage in sexual activity. It is not a disability, it is an orientation with little to no desire for sexuality. By same token many homosexuals are able to engage in heterosexual sex, it is a lack of desire to do so, this does not render homosexuality a disability. They are both examples of variants of human sexuality.


“I find it deeply offensive to have these “asexuals” comparing themselves to gay people.”


Why should it matter? The asexual movement is not comparing itself to gay or transgender people, it is distinct yet offers parallels. Asexuals do not face harassment, or violence for their orientation, they do however struggle as gays do with a coming out process, and a lack of information/resources about their identity.

それがなぜ問題なのか? アセクシュアルの運動はそれをゲイやトランスジェンダーのひとびとと比較していないし、別個の類似点を提示しているだけだ。アセクシュアルはその指向によって嫌がらせや暴力に直面しないが、同性愛者たちによるカムアウトのプロセスや、アイデンティティに関する情報/資源の欠乏においてと同じようにかれらは葛藤する。

“It doesn’t mean that many people who classify themselves as such don’t need counseling and sex therapy.”


If someone was sexually active and has lost their libido, had some sort of trauma than they should seek counseling. Asexuality is an orientation, they are completely content with the way they were made, they don’t feel the need to undergo “treatment” anymore than gay people should seek to go into “ex-gay” programs which don’t work.


To clear up some other statements in the article.


The Asexual Visibility Education Network (AVEN) has had 17,106 members sign up, it would be hard to gauge the number of active forum members. As far as the orientation, scientific studies suggest about 1% the population identifies as asexual.

The Asexual Visibility Education Network (AVEN)には17,106人の登録メンバーがいるが、活動しているフォーラム会員をカウントするのは難しい。指向に関する限りでは、アセクシュアルを自認する人口は1%であると科学的研究が示している。

As far as the man who got divorced and now lives happily in a sexless gay relationship, this does not mean he is repressed. Asexuals can have a romantic attraction, and can also be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Homoromantic asexuals can choose to have a romantic relationship with someone of the same-sex and forego the option to have sex.


Queers United proudly stands by the asexual community and looks forward to continued dialogue, and education about all sexual and gender minorities.”

Queers Unitedは堂々とアセクシュアル・コミュニティの側に立ち、継続的な対話とすべての性的/ジェンダー・マイノリティに関する教育を期待する。

Asexuality is fluid like any sexuality. Sure, there’s common ground in a lack of desire or drive for sexual interaction, but there is a huge spectrum of asexuals who still fall in love, still desire romantic relationships (with varied levels of physical affection). Asexuals aren’t all straight. They’re heteroromatic, homoromantic, and anywhere inbetween. So of course they’re a part of the queer movement, since you can be queer and nonsexual. When I realised this (as someone who isn’t asexual), everything fell into place. Suddenly I understood “the asexual thing”. They’re fighting for the same rights we are. They need the same rights we do.